fishing01Bynoe Harbour hosts some of the best fishing grounds in the Northern Territory. Five islands are nestled in the mouth of the Harbour and the harbour coastline is made up of mangroves, fringing and sub tidal reefs, sandy beaches, seagrass and mud flat/sand flat habitats.

An artificial reef constructed from the former Crab Claw Resort Jetty that was damaged severely by a cyclone and subsequently demolished is now home to huge Jewfish, this is accessible by small boats.

The tidal creeks and gutters play host to the famous Barramundi, Salmon, Mangrove Jack, Bream, Prawns and Mud crabs while Snapper, Mangrove Jack, Javelin, Tarpon, Mackerel, Trevelly can be found around the oyster rock outcrops. The in-shore and off-shore reefs are great places for larger specimens of Golden Snapper, Coral Trout, Jewfish, Mackerel, Tuna, Trevally, Groper, the odd Red Emperor and all of which will put up a magnificent fight.

If you would like to take your catch with you we are happy to cryovac and freeze your fillets to ensure they are kept fresh and tasty.

Fishing Charters

fishing04If you really want to get the most out of you time on the water and don’t know Bynoe Harbour we recommend that you join a fishing charter for a day or more and learn more about Bynoe and its secrets. We have several fishing guides who would be more that happy to spend some time sharing the knowledge they have gather over many years of fishing our beautiful harbour. They will ensure that you have a truly fantastic experience.

A Photographers Delight

photography01Capture sunrises, sunsets and the rising full moon over the ocean. The soft light of dawn and dusk offer special effects to shots taken over the wetlands and foreshore. Wander the paperback stands, explore the cycad forests or just stay still and capture the wildlife as it wanders past – Crab Claw Island has something special for shutterbugs of all skill levels. The wet season offers exceptional views with black to purple skies and lightening storms which light up the whole of the ocean as they travel across Bynoe Harbour.


bird_watching01For all the bird watching enthusiasts the coastal savannah, foreshore waterways and wetlands of Crab Claw Island offer an amazing array of birdlife.
Species commonly found on and around Crab Claw Island include – Australasian Grebe; Little Pied Cormorant; Little Pied Cormorant; Australian Pelican; Jabiru; Brolga; Rufous Night Heron; Crested Hawk; Osprey; White-breasted Sea-Eagle; Bush Thick-knee; Australian Bustard; Masked Lapwing; Common Sandpiper; Sacred Kingfisher; Hooded Parrot; Torresian Imperial-Pigeon; Azure Kingfisher; Rainbow Bee-eater; Australian Owlet-nightjar; Black-tailed Treecreeper; Blue-faced Honeyeater; Great Bowerbird and many more. For more extensive information please see